Metropolis of San Francisco Church Music Federation


Welcome to the Church Music Federation!


Thanks for visiting the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of San Francisco Church Music Federation!  If you want to know all about liturgical music in our Metropolis, you’ve come to the right place! 

 The Federation is the music ministry of the San Francisco Metropolis, made up of church musicians who serve in all capacities—adult choir singers, youth choir singers, directors, chanters, composers, organists, hierarchs and clergy.

 Federation Mission and Programs

 Our mission is as simple as do-re-mi:  to support the parishes in our Metropolis with their church music needs and perpetuate the rich musical traditions of our Church.

 We offer assistance and resources to build or strengthen adult choirs, form or improve youth choirs and Sunday School music programs, train choir directors and chanters, develop congregational singing programs, and assist our hierarchs and priests.  We do this through many programs: 

  • Hold annual Summer Conferences for worship, singing, education and fellowship.
  • Offer Church Music Institutes (CMIs) to train church musicians.
  • Publish The In-Choir-Er newsletter.
  • Organize choirs and youth choirs for special Metropolis and regional functions.
  • Promote quality music of the Orthodox Church for adults and youth.
  • Provide information, resources and support to parishes.
  • Recognize and honor (link to Awards) outstanding adult and youth church musicians.

 All for the Glory of God!

 We recognize that if we have been blessed with musical talents (or any talents, for that matter), we should be good stewards and develop these talents, use them to help one another, and offer them back to the Lord.

 Singing praises to God – from the choir loft, chanter stand, congregation, or altar -- is truly a blessed ministry!  We thank the Lord for allowing us to serve Him as church musicians, and we pray for His help to carry out our ministry.

 Come, let us sing to the Lord!  Let us shout joyfully to the Rock of our salvation.  (Psalm 95: 1-2)