Current Officers of the Federation

The following members comprise the Executive Board for the Federation. The term of office for Federation officers is two years beginning August 1, 2013. Please feel free to contact President Levy using the e-mail below or the form on the Contact Us tab if you need assistance.

President Church Music Federation

Elizabeth Levy

Vice President

Athena Anastos


Costa Kourtis


Kay Harkins

Regional Administrators

In order to better serve our Church Musicians, the Metropolis has been divided into Regions. The following Regional Administrators coordinate activities and help facilitate communication within their respective regions throughout the year.

Southwest (Arizona, Las Vegas)

Vasiliki Kyriakakis

Los Angeles

Marilyne Coats

San Diego (includes Hawaii)


Eastern California (Sacramento, Stockton, Modesto, Fresno, Elk Grove, Roseville, Bakersfield, Reno)

Margarita Jakovas

Northern California (Bay Area)

Dr. Chris Vitakes

Northwest (Oregon, Washington, Alaska)


Additional Executive Board Members

Immediate Past President (Advisor)

Mrs. Kathy Meck

Federation Music Minister

Coordinates training programs for the Federation.

Dr. Tikey Zes

Database and Membership Chairman

Maintains Federation database, Listserv mailing lists, and web site and coordinates annual stewardship and membership efforts.

Mario DiGiovanni

In-Choir-Er Newsletter Editor

Fareeda Christ