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To our fellow church musicians....

The Federation Board had decided in Spring 2012 to limit US mail distribution of the In-Choir-Er as a means of holding down copying and mailing expense. The Federation had been spending over $2000 per year to copy and mail two issues of the In-Choir-Er. And, we had reduced the number of annual issues from four to two, and trimmed the mailing list for years, reducing distribution to one copy per household and removing bad addresses promptly.  Alas, many of our contributors indicated they want a hard copy of the In-Choir-Er for themselves (hopefully to display for their guests). Starting with the Spring 2015 issue we began mailing a hard copy of the In-Choir-Er to all. Those who do provide a valid mailing address will be sent an electronic copy for their reading pleasure. And, just in case you missed an issue, we will strive to maintain back issues here on the web site.  

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