2013 Summer Conference

Town Hall Meeting Summary Report

The Federation Board of Directors has monitored the state of church music across the Metropolis for many years. We've observed the decline in attendance at Winter Business Meetings and Summer Conferences, the shrinking number of parishes that support an active choir, the graying of those choirs, and a reduction in the number of parishes who are dues paying membes of the Federation. We've also seen the passing of many veteran singers, some of whom were there when the Federation began.The effort by our Regional Administrators to reconnect with the musicians at the parish level has moved in fits and starts with a more organized approach to outreach taking shape in 2012. We really want to talk with you and hope you want to talk to us. That was the topic of the Town Hall Meeting: improving communications. So, the scenario above led to the meeting. Rather than lead you astray with my meanderings, I suggest you read the report for yourself. Perhaps it will strike a spark in a few who may become our next generation of leaders.

Mario DiGiovanni

Membership Chairman